zaterdag 8 augustus 2015

The Rotten Butcher - Kromlech Miniatures - Painting in a few steps 3: Highlighting + finish

Stap 3 van de Rotten Butcher: highlights en finish (Valejo en GW paints en washes + glossy en mat vernis). Methodes zijn drybrushing, layering en glazing.

Step 3 from he Rotten Butcher: highlights and finish (Valejo and GW paints and washes + glossy and matt varnish.) Methods are drybrushing, layering and glazing.

Vorige stappen/ previous steps: link 1 - link 2

2 opmerkingen:

Rigtje zei

He's coming along nicely! Great miniature btw.

King in Yellow zei

Cheers Rigtje! He needs some final work and currently I'm working on a base...